About the Girl


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest of the US, I still call it my home and never want to leave. I am Mexican-Italian-American (but unfortunately only speak English, and very limited Spanish). I look white and often am mistaken as such, but I identify as a proud Latina. My grandmother makes the best tamales in the world.

In terms of web design, it is my passion and hobby for many years, since I basically started using computers. I am self taught along with my partner Kimberlee, when we were only 11 years old. We have a unique perspective on web design since we grew up along side the constant changes of an evolving internet, and we adapted, evolved our skills alongside the changes to create meaningful new processes and designs.

I have a wonderful, large and loving family on both sides of my parents. My dad is the best dad in the world! He and my stepmom would do anything for me. My mother's side I am extremely close with, I spend quite a bit of time with my grandparents who took a big hand in raising me.

I grew up with two beautiful Siberian Huskies named Sammy and Yuki. Sammy passed away in 2019 at the age of 12, Yuki a few years before her at the same age. I have always loved dogs. When Sammy passed it was difficult for me as she was my best friend. We sang together, and I'll always miss her.

After she passed I had a series of events that led me to three dogs, which others find strange but to me it's my happy little family. I have two mini Siberian Huskies (at only 30lb's, they are the smallest huskies I have ever seen!) and my beautiful little weirdo Freddy Bear, an Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix.

For more information or specific questions, please contact me.