More Stuff Added to Graphics!

06 Mar 2021 by

Hi Everyone!

I've had a lovely couple of weeks! It's been busy, but I've been carving out time to do graphics.

Check out the graphics page to see the updates. More coming soon!

Trouble Viewing?

08 Feb 2021 by

I've had a few people reach out and show some errors loading PepperySkin.

If you are seeing a broken layout, please reset cache/cookies. If the problem persists, if you can please send a screen cap to of the front page and also what browser you are using (and if for Mac or Windows please), that would be great! Feedback is always appreciated.

Thank you for visiting!

New Thingy

05 Feb 2021 by

I've been very productive!

I just made THIS

That is all. Thank you.

Happy Day for Amanda!!

04 Feb 2021 by

I recently applied for a new position within my university and I’m THRILLED to announce I was accepted today!! Out of the several positions I have been applying to, this is the one I was really excited for so again, I’m so happy!!

Also, if any of you are having trouble viewing the new layout, please reset cookies. Please reach out to for any issues with the website, feedback is always appreciated. Thank you!!

New Layout!

02 Feb 2021 by

EDIT // Bugs are fixed! If you can see anything amiss, please feel free to send a screenshot to Thank you!

I'm quite pleased with this layout! I'm still working out the bugs with CuteNews and fixing a few broken items here and there but this update felt good!

Hooray! Major PS Update!

23 Nov 2020 by

I am very excited for this latest update. I finally got CuteNews added (Thank goodness for free & easy to use programs!), I finally fixed the main layout (hopefully), and I uploaded a couple of new graphics I really like. People are now able to leave comments on these news updates -- I am thrilled to have PS up and running!

Here's to many more hours wasting time in Adobe! *Glass Clink*

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